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After being in the wedding industry for six years, Bridal Path Team has been to quite a few venues! As we’ve hopped around from venue to venue, we’ve been able to circle around to a few venues and they have become fan favorites among the team!
 We have broken the list down to five of our favorite venues: Emerson Fields, The Haven Event Space, The Barn at Riverbend, The Journey Home, and The Home Place at Valley View. Each of these venues have one thing in common: an amazing staff, beautiful spaces, and the ability to create an atmosphere of love and celebration for each individual couple. Because each venue is so different, we’ve broken the five venues down into three different categories: luxury, modern elegance, and rustic.

Let’s start out with our luxury venue: Emerson Fields. This venue is based around the simplicity of white, offering a light environment that comes vibrantly to life when pops of color are brought in. Its modern farmhouse style offers a different kind of luxury, a homey kind of luxury in the countryside. 

While the main farmhouse is stunning, they also have two additional areas to use. A charming dock lays close by the patio off the farmhouse. Both the patio and dock can be used for a variety of things! Ceremony, cocktail hour, oh the things you could do here! Not only does it have an attached patio, but close by is their pavilion area. This area is nice and shaded, simple yet elegant, largely spread out yet so inclusive for guests to celebrate!

Something that we absolutely love about Emerson Fields, more like who, is Amelia. Not only is she the venue’s owner, but she’s also a friend to everyone who walks through her venue doors. Known for taking care of her staff well, she also takes care of the vendors that come through each weekend. She has a special place in the fridge filled with snacks and drinks for all the vendors, isn’t that so sweet? Lastly, but of course not least, this venue offers full weekend rental. Full weekend rental allows for all the time for you and your significant other, along with your friends and family, to relax and enjoy the weekend. No need to rush the unpacking and packing up, take your time with your significant other to celebrate.

Our next category will be modern elegance. These venues, like our luxury venues, have so much complexity, but so much simplicity to them, allowing so many things to come to life inside their boundaries. 

Our first venue we’ll visit will be The Haven Event Space. Over this big property, they have multiple options for ceremony spots, a patio/lounge area outside, and one upstairs. The outdoor patio has fire pits, yard games, and can feature an outdoor bar. This area leads down to a stunning nine by eight foot abor which has a backdrop of a grand fountain. 

One of our favorite features of this venue is their bridal and groom suites. Both suites are very spacious so both parties have room to do all the things they need! The groom’s suite is everything a guy could dream of; multiple tv’s, a pool table, a mini bar, this place has it all. The bridal suite is light and airy. It features a cute mini bar, adjustable lights, and oh, did I mention it also has a private rooftop deck? 

Additionally, they offer inhouse decor rental! Outside the venue is their “decor shed.” This shed is filled with linens, greenery, candles, signs, easels, all the things you can imagine! Their unique eight foot farm tables and sweetheart chairs can also be found here if they aren’t being displayed! Next time you're there, you need to check out this shed.

On top of all these amazing amenities, the heart of The Haven is our favorite thing about the venue. Our team has had the honor of watching the owner, Blake, build from the ground up and create his own team. We love them all. Each team member adds something new, and each team member has this way of making you feel more than just a guest, they make you feel like family. Don’t believe me? I guess you’ll have to go and check them out yourselves!

Next up is The Barn at Riverbend. Unlike the other venues we’ve talked about, this venue is all outdoor. Well, except the bridal suite and the groom’s hut. You need to go see the groom’s hut, it’s so cute. The simple elegance this venue has to offer is all surrounded by its many picturesque spots. 

This venue features a shaded area by trees that leads down to a secluded area for the ceremony. And don’t even get me started on the open field behind the ceremony spot. Every now and again baby deer pop out of the woods to say, “Hello,” while a couple says yes to their forever. It’s precious. Walking the path back up from the ceremony spot, you find the outdoor bar off to the side, a small common area beside their garden, and then you finally get to the main spot. Well, the reception spot. The reception area is open, allowing for you to see and hear the quaint river that runs along the side of the venue. The high ceilings lined with gorgeous beams and trees on the outer sides of the area creates a secluded yet ingenious atmosphere. 

The Barn at Riverbend is owned by Kris and Kip, boy do we love them. Oh, have I said how much we love the staff also? Something this venue is so good at is loving people well. Their ability to remember names, faces, and each vendor's likes and dislikes never ceases to amaze me. The best part is getting to create memories with each other as we serve our couples. It’s simple, but man does it create a family-like bond.

Our last category is rustic. Both The Home Place at Valley View and The Journey Home proudly fall into this category. 

Let’s start with The Home Place at Valley View. Now this venue, we love this venue. It's secluded, it's classy, with a little country, and man is it stunning. The ceremony spot is on top of a hill overlooking the land. On the way up to the ceremony spot, you pass their grill and shaded patio area. Did you know that they also have a pool up there? That you can use? I mean, how epic! Back down at the reception area, the open floor plan leaves for so many possibilities, oh and the barn doors swing open, allowing a rural feel to the reception time. The elegance of the high ceilings and beams add a cozy yet tasteful touch.

This venue is booked for a full weekend, so there’s no need to rush. You can enjoy your family and friends without having to rush to pack all your things up! This also allows access to the patio, and pool, all weekend. The honeymoon suite is also available to the newly wed couple; overnight accommodations are offered in house! Lastly, this venue offers decor rental from their, “Something Borrowed,” collection. This keeps up with the old tradition of, “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.”

Our last venue is The Journey Home. This venue is known for its historic 1800s colonial house. Covered in white glamor, high ceilings, jaw dropping chandeliers and vintage light fixtures scattered throughout the historic house, the historic house screams grace and elegance. Inside the house, a spiral staircase leads upstairs to where you and your girls can get dressed and ready!

Apart from this charming house, their quaint rustic barn is nearby. The all white barn shows character with its dark beams littering the ceilings in an intricate design. The small cracks between the wood planks allows just the right amount of sunlight, illuminating the space naturally. A shaded patio is attached on the backside of the barn, allowing for guests to go out, talk, and play yard games together if wanted. The barn doors slide open, allowing for a cozy countryside feel as you and your significant other bask in your wedding day. 

This venue also features an all weekend long rental if preferred, allowing for rest between the craziness of the day. Additionally, they offer overnight accommodations for up to twenty-three people in your party. The overnight rooms in the house offer a homey and elegant feel for guests occupying them.

Much like the other venues, this venue’s staff is out of this world! It’s a family owned business, which only adds to the sweetness of working with them. Something that makes this venue is their continual kindness to everyone that comes in and their dedication to serving our couples. We couldn’t ask for a better team to work alongside!

 As we look back on all the venues that we’ve discussed, we see three main categories: luxury, modern elegance, and rustic. Each venue has something to offer that the other doesn’t, but one thing they all have in common is their dedication and love for what they do. We have been so lucky to be able to team up with these vendors as we help each couple plan their big day. The relationship we have been able to build with each venue is irreplaceable. As you and your significant other take a look at venues for your wedding day, we could not recommend any other venue aside from the ones above. These venues are top notch. We are so thankful for the individuality of Emerson Fields, The Haven Event Space, The Barn at Riverbend, The Home Place at Valley View and The Journey Home.  You seriously need to go check out these venues.

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